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The Glam Fairy Makeup Academy Certification program is finally available. This is a certification program where the student is certified by Alexa Prisco– The Glam Fairy herself. There are 3 levels of Certification: PlatinumWings (highest), Gold Wings and Pink Wings. Within these levels there are 2 additional rankings, 3 star or 5 star, based upon number of hours Glam Training and Glam Hands-on experience. (Below are samples of certification icons that we offer The Glam Fairy Alumni once they have completed their requirements, for display along with the certification number on their website, certificates and sales literature. These are a sign of Glam Fairy quality creativity, training and accomplishment.


The Basic course goes over the soup to nuts of Glam and will turn both the girl who knows nothing about makeup and is dying to be a makeup artist OR the makeup artist that wants to refine their skills into a well versed, educated makeup artist. This will undoubtedly transform your skill, artistry, and understanding of makeup.

The Senior level is for students that have gone through all of the basic courses but want to go the extra mile. This student truly wants to enhance their portfolio with images that truly show off their work and their ability to transform someone. This level turns the makeup artist into a miniature company that understands that they don't need an employer to get work—they simply need to believe in their talent. It puts you in the control seat of your future.

Glam AcademyThe Glam Fairy Certification program"I feel like there are so many courses out that spend 8-16 hours on sanitation when that time could be spent truly refining an artist. I have nothing to hide. Monet could sit there and explain to someone exactly how he painted the water lilies. It doesn't mean someone is going to turn around and paint it flower for flower. It means he shared with someone what can make them a better artist.—If someone wants to know how I got where I did—I will tell them! I want people to be better artists and understand that they can truly have the world at their fingertips. They don't need someone nodding to an application!"

Makeup Academy Course levels and logistics

So here is how it works. You can just take the basic course. Or you can take the basic and senior course. Unfortunately you cannot just take the senior course because although you may personally feel you are versed on all the basic topics I need to make sure all the students are on the same page with the same basic glam knowledge.

Pink Wings (Basic) Glam Fairy Makeup Academy Certification

The basic course is 40 hours and the Senior Pink Wings Glam Fairy Certification Iconscourse is 90 hours.
We include a small margin for error in case any of the classes go into overtime.

40 hours - Basic Glam Fairy Certification - This will include a breakdown of the courses taken, fairy performance, and grading per course—also affiliated portfolio work with each course.



Gold Wings Glam Fairy Certification

Gold Wings (Basic) Glam Fairy Makeup Academy Certification






PlatinumPlatinum Wings (Senior) Glam Fairy Certification

90 hours - Senior Fairy Certification - Fairies that go beyond the Basic Certification program—a certification that includes the breakdown of all courses—the student's profencies in each, grading, and affiliated portfolio work.

Both courses will leave students not only with a certificate but documentation that will go into detail about the courses they completed, what those courses where in detail, weekly progress reports on the students that review the course, the student's understanding of the topic, and how they applied it in the look. In addition all of the makeup work is documented via photoshoot leaving the F.I.T (fairy in training) with some incredible images for their portfolio.

At all levels of certification the classes are highly hands on. For all of the classes that focus on a particular look there will be a small photoshoot at the end where the student can see how the work translates in photography. These images are property of both The Glam Fairy and the student. This allows the student to understand the transition of their work throughout the course and have incredible images that they can leave the certification program with. Alexa of course takes all of these images.

Students will be required to have certain "must-haves" in their kit however there will be a kit included in the tuition fee.


Description of the Class


Fairy Cert Level

Ice Breakers—WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A MAKEUP ARTIST—Fellowship of Fairies 2 hours Basic
Glamology Basic 3 hours – basic education – NO RULES Basic
Foundations—color bases, chemical bases, finishes, oxidation, coverage's, understanding grid, lab work and sampling on models 3 hours Basic
Contouring and highlighting 2 hours Basic
Lighting 1 hour—bring in mom—bring in special guest to talk about lighting in photography Basic
Lashes—cuts, symmetry, burying. LAB 2 hours Basic
Bridal makeup 10 hours – different looks, how to deal with brides, taking pictures of your work 10 hours—different facecharts I created for different looks Basic
Natural looks with a splash of Glam 4 hours Basic
The Smokey Eye—there is not just one smokey eye—demonstration and lab 6 hours Basic
Trade for print—building your portfolio outside of the class. How it works—where to go with it 6 hours Basic
Eyebrows—bring in threader to talk 1 hour Basic
How make up is made up-- oral 1 hour Basic

The glam academy 2


Includes all of the basic certification program classes, plus the classes below.

Note: These courses allow the student to be certified by Alexa Prisco, The Glam Fairy company and the student will of course be able to talk about their certification with the Glam Fairy company. However this does not mean—in any capacity that the student is a Glam Fairy or an extension of the Glam Fairy brand. They are simply certified by Alexa Prisco's personal standards of makeup knowledge.

Description of the Makeup Academy Class


Fairy Cert Level

Establishing your Signature technique—focus group 1 hour Senior
Editorial makeup—6 hours having fun with editorial looks – unleashing creativity—relief additional materials— With different materials from craft stores—applica's, jewels, glitter, and paint we create fun editorial looks—HAVE JOEY COME IN 6 hours Senior
Starting a business—how I started my business (after 25 hours) 4 hours—starting your business—selling what you have—establishing your personality as a brand 2 hours Senior
SEO - building yourself 2 hours Senior
Website 1.5 hours Senior
Social Networking for Makeup Artists—maybe have a speaker from that campaign in city 2 hours Senior
Portfolio -in this area either we take pictures of the lab work and dress the girls up—this is a part of every look lab    
Photo shoots - one of the last days where you incorporate head to toe your signature look with clothes, jewelry, hair etc. for the perfect photoshoot look that is shot by Alexa 8 hours Senior
The Bridal Business -oral 2 hours Senior
Hypothetical Situations—Different Situation's you will encounter as a makeup artist and how to deal with them! -- Set up in Different rooms you respond and try to work in different situations 8 hours Senior
Technical – scar tattoo 2 hours Senior
Tattoo enhancement 2 hours Senior
Creative directing—take the bull by the horns and take over a photoshoot. 3 hours Senior
Taking pictures 2 hours Senior
Jack of all trades—renaissance—how to be able to do a little bit of everything—lab work to work 2 hours Senior
Airbrush makeup—history of airbrush—different compresor's—how to use the machine…. When and where… using it for everything. Being a PRO AIRBRUSHER 8 hours Senior


Fall 2013-- Semester 5

The dates of the summer Glam Academy are finally out! For all of you who were not available for the first semester of the Glam Academy— get true resolve in knowing that your Glam Fairy Certification is only months away!!

This is the place to not only get an amazing fundamental and artistic understanding of makeup but how to apply that into the real world and create your own mini empire! With incredible portfolio images and a kit of amazing cosmetics from our featured sponsor Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics you will leave this Academy with Wings bigger than a Pterodactyl.


Course Level

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February 22, 2014
February 23, 2014
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March 29, 2014
March 30, 2014

Certified Glam

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