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The Glam Academy is a place where you not only get an incredible understanding of makeup through a very interactive classroom environment, but also apply that education in a full range of photo shoots. At most makeup schools-- students work on each other-- which is not only a huge waste of time, but also does not present the students with the diversity that the real world will present them with. That said-- for every photo shoot I have different models for the students that have nothing to do with the Glam Academy. Not only does it give the student at least two new faces daily-- but also the ability to interact with new people-- fundamentally paralleling what they will experience interacting with clients in their own new empires.

The portfolio above is all raw photography taken by me (Alexa Prisco) and has not been photoshopped in any way. This not only allows the students to leave the Academy with incredible images for their portfolio reflecting a full range of looks-- but it also allows the student to see the transition of their look and identify their signature technique.

Below you will find Bio's for each of the students and how The Glam Academy changed them. Starting from day one-- every student has a homework assignment bringing them one step closer to creating their own empire. By fusing my makeup methodologies with an understanding of how to truly get yourself out there-- it allows these students to realize that they can have goals much higher than they came to the Academy with. They too-- can be creative entrepreneurs following their passions and dreams. And I will personally help, guide, and do anything in my capacity to make these dreams a reality.

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This Academy is designed to make any person that has ever told any aspiring makeup artist that "they should get a real job" to eat their words.



CatherineCatherine - Glitterocity

One of the defining points in my life is when my mom let me use her eyeliner one day while we were in the car. I remember being astonished as to how it completely transformed the way my eyes looked, and that was it – I was hooked. For years I have been obsessed with make up, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided that nothing made me happier and I definitely wanted to make a career out of doing make up. I started watching YouTube videos and reading beauty blogs non-stop. I bought new make up almost every week, and I started doing my friends’ make up just to practice. Because I live in New Jersey, I have been a Jerseylicious fan since day one and after checking out Alexa’s website I decided to book a Glam-Me class with her. I was so surprised with how much I learned in a few hours, it was amazing. When Alexa mentioned that she was starting a Glam Academy, I knew that I had to do it.

The Glam Academy has been an amazing experience and I can honestly say that I am the happiest when I am at the Glam Factory learning new make up techniques. It is also super motivating to be surrounded by people who are just as interested in learning about make up as you are. Alexa is an amazing teacher, she knows so much and I honestly feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to be taught by her. I feel that the Glam Academy was the perfect way to start my career as a make up artist. Not only did I learn from Alexa, but I learned from my fellow classmates as well. I can’t believe how much knowledge I have gained in just a few weeks. Alexa doesn’t just teach you how to be a fabulous make up artist, she teaches you how to develop a successful business as well.

I have seen such a change in myself from when I took the first Glam-Me class with Alexa. I have become so much more confident in what I do, and I cannot wait to start working with make up full time. Alexa has inspired me to pursue my dreams, and I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me. The Glam Academy is an amazing program, and can be useful for a make up artist at any level. I can see the transformation in myself and in my work as a result of this course and it is nothing short of amazing. I honestly cannot say enough great things about my Glam Academy experience, this course changed my life and I am so thankful that I was able to do it.

Danielle make up artist

Danielle Strafford Mobarak - Stroffolino Makeup

Makeup Artist, Certified, NY, New York, Airbrush, Wedding, Bridal

I am a professional Makeup Artist.  I elude passion, creativity, talent, professionalism, precision & confidence.  Stroffolino Makeup is inspired by my passion to build confidence in not only myself, but also others around me.  My creativity allows me to be open-minded to all personalities and my talent gives me the ability to execute flawlessly.  I pride myself of the trust that my clients have in me as their Makeup Artist, and the foundation of confidence that is consistently delivered and instilled in each application.
My decision to enroll myself into the Glam Academy was not a hard one.  I needed to get my business of the ground and knew The Glam Fairy could help me do just that.  Alexa Prisco is such an accomplished woman.  She is an amazing role model and talented makeup artist.  She is an inspiration.  The Glam Academy has had such a huge impact on my life.

Alexa has given me so much powerful information and a great confidence in my work.

 She has opened up a whole new world for my business to develop.  Alexa's strength has rubbed off on me and given me strength to pursue my dreams as a makeup artist at a higher level.


MarisaMarisa Dreyer

Hi everyone! My name is Marisa, i am 24 years old, and I'm from Connecticut. I am the daughter of a make up artist which would explain my love and passion for this industry. I used to watch my mother do make up on people for hours and just took it all in, and with her skills and guidance she taught me the make up basics. I am currently a pre registered nursing major which is a far cry from make up artistry, but spending life with my nose in the books i knew i had to pursue something that truly made me happy which is why I am a student at the Glam academy!

Alexa has taken my skills and fine tuned them and taken my artistry to a level I never thought possible!

The glam academy has brought me to a superior level of make up artistry and has helped me to be a confident MUA, it also helped me get my name and small business (Faccia bellas by Marisa) known, and also I will be graduating with a portfolio of amazing photographs done by Alexa herself which show my personal work and progress through the course. My range of skills goes from natural looks to outrageous editorial, beautiful bridal to signature over the top smokey eyes, and I have the glam academy and Alexa to thank from turning this little nursing major into a fabulous make up artist! xo


Mary Angeline RohwederMary Angeline Rohweder The Glam Fairy Academy

My name is Mary Angeline Rohweder, and I am a certified makeup artist and image consultant offering personalized and innovative services to clients seeking a glamorous transformation. I work primarily in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey but am able to serve clients worldwide through technology or travel. I offer extensive services for airbrush makeup, bridal makeup, pageant makeup, special occasion makeup, photo shoot makeup, editorial makeup, and full makeovers. I specialize in building inner beauty and transforming clients from the inside out by giving each client a truly customized experience to fit their needs.

My company name is "Mary The Image Coach" because I believe image is everything. I take clients and transform them into the most beautiful versions of themselves in person and in photos. I have always had a passion for the beauty industry - I grew up reading magazines such as Allure and Vogue trying to discover the secrets of beauty. I am also very inspired by the process of a butterfly's metamorphosis. I ultimately discovered that beauty is achieved when your physical features are enhanced to match the beauty of who you are. Clients love that I cater to their best features and personality, offer highly personalized and flexible services, and collaborate with them to create a beautiful transformation. I have an eye for the potential of beauty, developed from my instincts and professional expertise, that is strengthened by my artistry skills to execute the transformation. I have taken numerous makeup lessons and completed certified courses combined with my experience as a makeup artist for women, models, and pageant queens. Contact me today to learn more about what I can do for you!

The Glam Academy Quote

I have always admired Alexa's makeup skills and branding skills. When I heard about the Glam Academy, I knew in my heart that every sacrifice would be worth the outcome. I am a full-time pre-law college student and aspiring makeup artist (it is a dichotomy that defines me perfectly) who travels four to five hours for classes via public transportation. My journey is beyond worthwhile! The Glam Academy is such a life-changing experience. Not only does Alexa share her makeup artistry skills and secrets, but she also provides concrete direction in order for her students to pursue the steps in which transformed her into a successful business woman. While Alexa embodies the role of a teacher, she is also such a generous person! Alexa is genuinely interested in not only the growth and success of each student, but also the personal well-being. Alexa has gone above and beyond my expectations for this course, and I am confident that I can achieve my dream of becoming a successful makeup artist by implementing her artistry and business skills.



kate-marie make up artistKate Marie Sorenson

Kate Marie Sorenson. Makeup Artist NJ (New Jersey)/ NY (New York) – airbrush makeup- bridal makeup- prom and special event makeup- I am 2O years young and a born and raised Jersey Doll. I am  an artist/creator specializing in Make-up. Talent, passion and glitter run through my veins.  My decision to enroll in the Glam Academy was a simple one because I knew I wanted to become a professional Makeup Artist.

I have successfully reached my goal thanks to Alexa Prisco.

Now I am ready to spread my wings and use my skills to serve and glam all of you!

The impact that the Glam Academy has made on my life is totally incredible! Alexa has this way of making all of my dreams and goals feel completely reachable and realistic. The techniques I have learned and mastered are ones that I am going to carry with me forever, and execute through my entire career. I am so confident in my skills and my applications now that I feel I can take on the makeup world. This is honestly the most amazing opportunity I have ever had in my life and I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of the very first Glam Academy!


Liz make up artistLiz Cusano - CT makeup artist, the owner of Luscious Lips and Lashes

I have always had a passion for makeup artistry for as long as I can remember.The walls of my brain are coated in canvas covered with lipstick, eye shadow and lashes. As a makeup artist, I wanted to refine my abilities, tweak my portfolio, and work with Alexa's detailed eye to broaden my talent.

I chose to come to the Glam Academy to prepare myself for the opening of my studio, officially making my dream a reality. 

Experience, confidence, and direction are the lines that divide applying makeup and being a makeup artist. Coming to the Glam Academy has truly refined my skill.  She brought truth, challenges, and the beauty of the business to our plates. Alexa has invested her entire life as a makeup artist. She has become the queen of her own empire through the lessons, struggles and rewards of the industry.

Alexa has taken all of this experience and wrapped it in a beautiful pink box to share with her students.

Alexa worked side by side with each one of us personally, helping us achieve her standards of makeup application. After putting down the brush, she'd pick up a camera and take professional images of our work to help build our portfolios. Her beautiful mind and dedication to the industry has been the motivating factor to opening the doors of my studio. Overall, what an incredible experience. 

Everyday is a reason to look beautiful, and the world is our stage - makeup is the art that can be worn through all the scenes. Thank you Alexa for giving my dreams fairy wings. 


ErinErin Hendley

Native Kentuckian Erin Hendley showed her uniqueness early when at 6 months she worked with renowned director Norman Jewison on the Bruce Willis move "In Country". She created unique style and put together the first ever fashion show in high school. During college she became a Certified Make Up Artist at Make Up First in Chicago Chicago were she participated she was part of the Makeup First Fashion Shows Team, a crew member for the Chicago 48 hour film festival, and took advanced class work in Airbrush and Advanced Media to be ready for multimedia work. She also attended The School of Style in New York, along with working Fashion Week for BC/BG.

With a fashion merchandising B.A. in hand Erin moved to NYC a week after graduation to continue to expand her technique to represent the latest trends, and learn from the best. She has trained with, and now assists and models for, renowned makeup artist Linda Mason, works as the head assistant at Shara Makeup Studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and has been hired as a freelance make up artist for MAC Cosmetics.

Multimedia opportunities include the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on models for the Season 6 Winner of Project Runway, Irina Shabayeva's, Spring 2012 fashion show streamed online, James Ruff's Aphrodite music video, and Shaniece Hairston from the Basketball Wives reality television show.

Erin now works with clients to create a unique look based on individual facial anatomy and structure. She takes time to analyze current application methodology and product use and instructs each client how to maximize the features that make them uniquely beautiful. Appointments may be made for every day make up application or for special occasions.

Having someone who has already achieved a successful self branding critique me has really grown my plans for my own business.

"My decision to come to the Glam Academy has served me well! I have learned so much about how to create my own makeup empire and I exercise everything Alexa has taught me day in and day out. Applying what I have learned at the Glam Fairy has created the ability for me to start my climb up the beauty industry ladder."


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Above - The Glam Academy classes in progress.

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